Getting error with status code 403

Hello team,

I am getting error with status code 403 while send message on twitter. kindly help me to figure out this issue.

@sumitrathi would you mind clicking the Share button at the top-right of your workflow and share it with

Do you mind if I modify your workflow slightly and replay one of the recent events that failed? I’d like to modify the step to return a bit more debugging information.

Shared with you

Thank you very much. I modified the step but on replay, it failed with a different error unrelated to Twitter.

Would you mind triggering the workflow with an event you expect to work, and let me know when you have? You should see some debugging information below the step (the request / response data from axios).

Hi Dylan,
Still getting 403 error

Thanks. It looks like Twitter is rate limiting us, and we’re investigating. We’re tracking this here if you’d like to follow that for updates.

Thanks Dylan, I think this error is coming because twitter has the message limit of 269 characters only…

That might certainly be the case. To return the full response, without axios throwing an error, try this changing this line:

const resp = await, body)


const resp = await, body, { validateStatus: () => true })

That should return the full response from our Twitter proxy, which should include the error response from Twitter.

Yes… getting error response from twitter “msg should be shorter”

Dylan, Thanks for helping me out

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