Exceeded Quota in Youtube steps

I have just setup my first workflow (thank you for the great tool you have built, btw!) that consists of fetching new files in GDrive and uploading them to Youtube. After a round of tests, in which it was working well, I now consistently get The request cannot be completed because you have exceeded your quota.

That brings some questions:

  1. Is there a limit of operations I can make using Youtube API through Pipedream?
    1.1 If so, where is it documented?
    1.2 How much quota do I receive daily?
    1.3 Can I expand my quota?

To add some context, my invocations history is not high:

Hi @folkwisdom thanks for reaching out and welcome!

Actually yes YouTube has a quota calculator you can use to better understand how they enable users to access their API: YouTube Data API (v3) - Quota Calculator  |  Google Developers.

I took a look at what you were trying to accomplish and we made a slight tweak on our configuration with YouTube’s API that should hopefully unblock you immediately. Can you give it another try and let me know if your workflow succeeds?