[Discord] Cannot receive new events on discord trigger event

I’m unable to view events since 24th Feb, 2023 under Discord trigger. I tried reauthenticating the Pipedream bot, tried giving the bot Admin permissions and even gave it all permissions for required channels. I noticed that after reauthenticating my account under Pipedream, the api is not able to fetch channel list for my discord server. Please see the error below. This happens if I manually type in the channel name since it’s not able to retrieve the channel list. Please help. Thanks in advance.

I just checked today morning and without making any changes on my end, this suddenly started working. Weird!

Hello @jai.sharma639,

Pipedream frequently shipping fix & updates to sources. I think Pipedream has recently shipped a fix for your issue.

If you faced another issue, kindly create another community post, or submit a ticket here :pray: