Connection to mautic

Hello. I’ve been trying to connect to Mautic but keep getting the message:

Pipedream app connection failure. Please reach out to

I have been able to connect in the past, but since Friday (Aug 27) this has been happening

I’d appreciate your help.

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Hi @pllabreu , could you try clearing the Mautic cache on your instance, as described here and here? You’re seeing that error because your Mautic instance returns a 404 error when we try to make a test request to the /api/user/self endpoint (to confirm the connection works). Clearing the Mautic cache on your side has resolved this issue for other users.

Let me know if that works for you.


Having trouble with this also. Have tried multiple variations on clearing cache at both mautic/var/cache and mautic/app/cache and still can’t connect. Running Mautic 4.1. Having varying degrees of success connecting pipedream – clearing cache definitely helped establish the connection, after doing so I was able to successfully bring up the login prompt and step through the authorization. But at the point where I am given the “pipedream application would like to connect,” when I click accept I get the “contact support” error again. Unclear why it’s crapping out at that point – is there a way to see error logs inside of pipedream?

Poking around I saw that the application is recognized inside of Mautic. I revoked access and setup a couple more times and again confirm that while the app is setting up inside Mautic, it’s not configuring back on the Pipedream side. The parameters passed back in the authorization popup window where I am getting the “contact support” error are:

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@symbinc I’m seeing the HTML below returned when we try to make a request to your Mautic instance. Do you use Cloudflare to protect it? Since this page is being returned instead of the content we expect, it fails to parse and we return an error.

<table width="100%" height="100%" cellpadding="20">
      <td align="center" valign="middle">
          <div class="cf-browser-verification cf-im-under-attack">
    <h1 data-translate="turn_on_js" style="color:#bd2426;">Please turn JavaScript on and reload the page.</h1>
  <div id="cf-content" style="display:none">
    <div id="cf-bubbles">
      <div class="bubbles"></div>
      <div class="bubbles"></div>
      <div class="bubbles"></div>
    <h1><span data-translate="checking_browser">Checking your browser before accessing</span></h1>
    <a href=""><!-- table --></a>
    <div id="no-cookie-warning" class="cookie-warning" data-translate="turn_on_cookies" style="display:none">
      <p data-translate="turn_on_cookies" style="color:#bd2426;">Please enable Cookies and reload the page.</p>
    <p data-translate="process_is_automatic">This process is automatic. Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly.</p>
    <p data-translate="allow_5_secs" id="cf-spinner-allow-5-secs" >Please allow up to 5 seconds&hellip;</p>
    <p data-translate="redirecting" id="cf-spinner-redirecting" style="display:none">Redirecting&hellip;</p>

Thanks @dylburger! Yes, the subdomain DNS is managed via Cloudflare. Is this just an issue during setup or will it interfere with the Pipedream app going forward?

Found some more info on this, going to whitelist us-east-1 from AWS but definitely count my vote for Pipdream feature to restrict the IP range!

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Great thanks. I can’t say for sure whether or not this will be a problem moving forward, since I’m not sure how Cloudflare decides to block traffic. But if you’ve whitelisted us-east-1 and Cloudflare is only blocking on a network level, that should be sufficient.

I raised this to the team because it’s a bit subtle. In this case our API is making the request to Mautic, and that’s a distinct service (and on a different network) than the workflow execution environment. We may need to address static egress IPs for both sets of services to make sure both the connection and workflow execution work, so we’ll look into it more.