Connecting PD steps with Google Apps Script

Triggering workflows from Google Apps Script or vice versa, passing data between PD steps and Google Doc, Sheet or whatever would have a huge benefit for many of us.
My use case is having an array of tweet objects ( say 100 ) from a Twitter Advanced Search step and I simply would pass it to GAS, process array there and eg. save my result to Google Sheets by GAS.
This way I could customize it much better than existing PD
Google Sheets/ Add Single Row
Google Sheets/ Add Multiple Rows
where in first case ( Add Single Row) we may have difficulties with looping results,
in the second case ( Add Multiple Rows ), we may have difficulties with post-processing tweet array elements before saving to GS.

So how about PD’s plans and priority of GAS integration?
Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Hi @vanetreg great idea!

I have gone ahead and created an App Request for you:

Once the basic scaffolding is set up by our team, then you’ll be able to use the Google Scripts App with Node.js scaffolding.

Then you’ll also be able to write your own actions and sources if you’d like.

If you ever want other apps integrated with Pipedream - please feel free to submit them here:

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