Combining Custom HTTP Request Step + Proxy + Response

Describe your needs and project in detail.
We need to adjust the HTTP Request Step or the HTTP Proxy NodeJS example provided in the documentation so that we can make calls through our Proxy. The NodeJS example is good but we would like to incorporate UI configuration used in the HTTP Request Step as we will need to connect to multiple different APIs and send different params. UI configuration of the request will allow us to much more easily maintain and add calls.

Combining Custom HTTP Request Step + Proxy

What services or apps do you need to integrate?

What steps should this workflow take?

  1. HTTP client makes a call to Workflow (HTTP Trigger) optionally passing params depending on the workflow
  2. HTTP Request would execute based on Request configuration (URL, query params, headers, etc…)
  3. HTTP Request is routed through our Proxy
  4. Response is sent back to the requesting Client via the HTTP response code step

What should trigger this workflow?
HTTP Trigger

Any more details that are important for a Pipedream Expert to know?
No but I am happy to ask any questions. An enhancement has been submitted to Pipedream for this but I know they are busy and we are in need of this soon.

Thanks in advance