Code to dropbox to ignore watching changes on a certain file tree path

Hey All,
I have a dropbox trigger setup to watch a folder (and all its subfolders) for files added to the tree…

I am looking where I should add code for an exception to ignore one of the subfolders (and all their sub-sub folders)

Any ideas?


Hi @shiurfinder welcome to the Pipedream community, happy to have you.

That’s a great question.

You can modify any given source’s or action’s code at any time.

In your case, you can edit the Dropbox new file trigger by:

  1. Clicking “Sources” on the left nav
  2. Selecting the “Dropbox” new file source you created earlier
  3. In the top navigation, select “Configuration”. This will bring up your account details and the code itself.
  4. Within the code editor, there’s a “run” function, in there you can filter the folders as you wish.

console.log will work as normal, so you can use logging or viewing the event logs inside of that view to figure out the pathing to the folders you want to keep vs ignore.

Only files/folders you $emit will be passed to downstream actions.

I hope this helps, let me know if I can help you with anything else.