Can't run a Node.js code in Pipedream

I’m trying to run this code

async (event, steps) => {
import { getSubtitles } from 'youtube-captions-scraper';
  videoID: // youtube video id
}).then(captions => {

I’m using this package - GitHub - algolia/youtube-captions-scraper: Fetch youtube user submitted or fallback to auto-generated captions
This is an error I get in console

ACTIVE_HANDLEThis step was still trying to run code when the step ended. Make sure you promisify callback functions and await all Promises. (Reason: GetAddrInfoReqWrap, Learn more:

This is a second step, first step is a zapier post webhook which will send a youtube video id.
This step should extract youtube captions from that video.
Third step is to publish captions via zapier on my website
Any suggestions how to do it?
Thank you!

Update, seems this issue is fixed by await:
await getSubtitles({

Look here: Running asynchronous code