Can you illuminate me?


I want to be able to receive comments from a blog on Telegram and be able to reply to them from there.

Now, the first part is already done.

I can receive them,

But I can’t figure out how to approve, reject and reply to them from Telegram.

Any ideas?

Hi @abeprieto ,

It sounds like you’re building a workflow that is triggered by a Telegram comment on a specific channel, then you’d like to automatically respond to these comments?

Have you looked through the catalog of pre-built Telegram actions? Perhaps one of them will be able to help:


I want to answer WordPress Blog comments from telegram.

When people leave a comment on an article I received on telegram but I want able to respond or approve from telegram too…

@abeprieto thanks for clarifying, I didn’t realize the trigger was a comment on a WordPress site.

You would need another different workflow to power the connection from a Telegram message to your WordPress site.

You can use that link above to view our Telegram triggers, one of which might be a reply to a specific message, then you can use a Data Store to track the relationships between WordPress comments to the original Telegram alert message.

If you need assistance from an expert, you can post your project details on our job board:

Thanks Pierce I will check the documentation…