Can I add a text step in a workflow for documentation?

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Raymond Camden : Sanity check before I file an ER: One thing I love about Jupyter Notebooks is the mix of documentation + flow. Would it make sense for there to be a way to either: a) add text to any step where you can flesh out what’s going? yes, code comments can do this, but im thinking something high level? b) support text only steps like the text steps in Notebooks. They do nothing at all but render text in the PD UI itself.

I realize workflows can have readmes, but im imagining something closer to the flow if that makes sense

Dylan Pierce : Yep I agree. Readmes embedded in actions themselves make sense too, there are nuisances with APIs that aren’t so clear in the individual props’ descriptions

Raymond Camden : one person didnt think i was crazy - enough for me to file an ER :stuck_out_tongue: thanks

Dylan Pierce : Glad you think I’m not crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: