Can files be copied to BambooHR from Google Drive?

I see there is some basic integration with Google Drive. Can files be copied from Google Drive to BambooHR files section?

Hi @davidy

Yes, if BambooHR’s API allows file uploads, then yes you can use a Pipedream workflow to copy files from Google Drive to BambooHR.

You can try searching for the pre-built BambooHR actions for a file upload action that fits your needs, or you can use the Use any BambooHR API scaffolding to include your BambooHR account’s token in your API request.

If you need assistance with this on a one on one basis, or just need someone to build this for you, I encourage you to connect with a Pipedream Partner.

@pierce Thank you for the reply. I reviewed the BambooHR actions and don’t see upload files as an option. Can you advise where to find that?

Hi @davidy

It’s possible we don’t have pre-built actions for file management on BambooHR, or it’s possible they don’t have an API support for uploading files. I’m not seeing any mention of file support in their API documentation.

You can request for specific new actions, triggers or enhancements to pre-existing actions and triggers on our public component board here: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

All of our actions and triggers are also open source, you can modify and publish your own versions to your own account or contribute to the registry!